Hi I a Sandra Roberts, mother of 3 handsome young men, Step other to 4 more handsome men and one absolutely Gorgeous Young woman, Grandmother of 16 and Great Grandmother of 3. I have worn any hats in my life from Cook to Teacher I spent the majority of my life as a Truck Drive and I have eaten Great food, mediocre food and down right BAD FOOD. I have cooked for 500 and cooked for one.

Am I a Chef NOPE I am a Foodie I don’t care who you are what your title is Good Food is Good Food. Something that doesn’t need to be complicated or require Unobtainable ingredients. Let’s face it we all don’t live in LA or NY and the local grocery store most likely doesn’t carry Branzino or Castor Sugar! The recipes I will post won’t have any ingredients you can’t get locally, I will tell you how you can make ingredients that may not be available (Like Castor Sugar just Blitz regular sugar in your Food processor for a few seconds until its consistency is finer)

You will find a List of food Blogs I follow because their instructions are clear, the ingredients readily available, and the recipes I have tried (maybe not all but at least a half dozen or more of them)

Am I a Blogger NOPE NOT A CLUE WHAT I AM DOING!!! But I am a really good cook and I know you don’t have to be a chef for people to love your food.